Manarah Education Foundation is guided by the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Our mission is to provide quality education in an Islamic environment while instilling the love of learning by enabling all students to achieve academic and Islamic excellence.  We also believe that the learning and upholding of the principles and practices of Islam are incumbent upon every Muslim. We strongly believe that these objectives can be well served through educational institutions devoted to the attainment of a high level of scholastic instruction in a salutary environment nurturing Islamic precepts and values.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Islamic Education is that it provides an environment that encourages the development and flourishing of an Islamic identity. The Foundation strives to prepare competent leaders, scientists, and professionals, who will practice Islam as a complete way of life.

Manarah Foundation shall continuously endeavor to develop Muslim generations with the highest possible physical, mental, spiritual and academic capabilities, with the highest standard of character, in accordance with and subject to the principle of the Quran and Sunnah.
At Manarah Foundation, our goal is to provide both secular and Islamic education in a professional environment that is at par with the best educational institution in the world. Manarah currently operates two main schools

  • Manarah Islamic Academy (MIA) – Full-time elementary and middle school
  • Manarah Islamic School (MIS) – Part-time (or weekend) Islamic school

Manarah Foundatation is managed by two important boards the Council of Education (COE) and the Board of Directors (BOD). These two bodies are guided by the Manarah Education Foundation Bylaws.